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Arabi Ghibeh


Arabi Ghibeh is a promising young actor with a unique charisma and endless energy. He is one of the lead actors in the upcoming THE BUDDY FILM PROJECT.

Arabi was born and raised in Damascus, Syria and is currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Because of his passion for the arts and acting, he decided to join the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts at Damascus University.

Arabi has been an actor for 6 years appearing in many Arabic Syrian series and has worked with many distirguished actors and directors in the Middle East. Arabi is multilingual and speaks fluently Arabic, English and Dutch. He has a love for riding horses, reading and keeping healthy with daily exercise and fitness. Whenever he’s free, he is fully occupied with his hobbies.

Arabi’s dream is succeeding in his acting career and his goal is to make it to the industry of Hollywood and to be internationally recognized for his love and hard work in the acting business. That dream is what pushed him to seek the proffessional platform that The Netherlands provides. To continue his learning and to expand his expriences in his academic skills, Arabi got accepted to the Amsterdamse Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie.

Photo credits: Dario Gargiulo

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