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Davy Eduard King


Davy Eduard King is an actor, born to a Dutch mother and Surinamese father. He is one of leading actors in the Dutch TV series DE SPA, from the creators of GOOISCHE VROUWEN and DIVORCE.

He spent the majority of his life in Dutch schools and went on to university at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. After graduating from Wartburg, Davy returned to The Netherlands and continued his acting and modeling career.

Davy featured in several TV commercials and has done many photoshoots for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Asics, Mistral and many more. He had a guest role in the popular Dutch TV series GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES (GTST) and the romantic comedy ROKJESDAG by acclaimed film director Johan Nijenhuis.

Photo credits: Pim Hendriksen, Hylke Greidanus, Arno Bier de Jong

Known for

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (GTST)