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Dennis Alink


Dennis Alink is a Dutch film maker and movie critic, best known for SLUIZER SPEAKS and UNKNOWN BROOD, that was recently nominated for two LA Film Awards.

In 2009 Dennis got accepted at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2013. His first feature length film SLUIZER SPEAKS tells the story of George Sluizer, director of such films as The Vanishing and Dark Blood who fully dedicated his life to cinema.

In 2016 UNKNOWN BROOD, about the life of dutch rock ‘n’ roll star Herman Brood, was released. For this documentary Dennis interviewed people like Bono, Anton Corbijn and Frank Black. In november 2017 UNKNOWN BROOD was nominated for two LA Film Awards (Best Director, Best Cinematography).

Alink is currently working on GOIN’ RECTAL, a comedy documentary about the glam rock band Rectum Raiders.

Photo credits: Kenny Nagelkerke, Tobias de Haan

Known for

Sluizer Speaks

Unknown Brood