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Matt Jaems


Matt Jaems is a highly talented Liverpool-born film maker who works as a director, writer and producer all around the globe. He is dedicated to creating original, creative and commercial works. Matt has co-written the screenplay for THE RABBIT HOLE, an original psychological thriller series for TV.

Jaems is the lead producer on the upcoming $9M international feature ROTTERDAM, I LOVE YOU, which is currently in development and is the next in the Cities of Love™ series following PARIS, JE T’AIME, NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU and RIO, EU TE AMO.

As a director and writer, Matt shows a unique style and vision that reveal his love of fine storytelling and creativity. His love of US cinema, combined with true British sensibilities and an acquired German/Dutch heritage make this filmmaker one to watch.

Photo credits: Thijs Brouwers

Known for

Rotterdam, I Love You (producer) – in development

Butler: Tears of Inequity (director/ writer)