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Rowin Prins


Rowin Prins is a talented Dutch actor. He is currently attached to the prestigious DUTCH NATIONAL OPERA and recently starred in Ivo van Hove’s SALOMÉPRINS IGOR and A DOG’S HEART.

Rowin studied acting at the Amsterdam Theater Academy and the Frank Sanders Academy for Musical Theater. He starred in plays such as THE SEAGULL by Anton Tsjechov, AMADEUS by Peter Shaffer and the Dutch version of ARE YOU BEING SERVED? He made a special appearance at the TOPPERS IN CONCERT: THE 1001 NIGHT EDITION.

Together with Karin Bloemen he starred in CHRISTMAS WITH A BIG C. In 2015 Rowin was Richard Hannay in the Hitchcock play THE 39 STEPS, while he played the lead of the world famous Dutch philospoher Baruch Spinoza in the Pathé documentary SPINOZA, EEN VRIJE DENKER.

In 2017 he got cast for several plays of the DUTCH NATIONAL OPERA and starred in PRINS IGOR and A DOG’S HEART.

Known for

A Dog’s Heart

Spinoza, een vrije denker

The 39 Steps